Proper Support for Latex Mattresses




A CozyPure mattress is very dense, and much heavier, than conventional foam or innerspring mattresses. Because it's constructed with SOLID natural organic dunlop latex - one of the strongest, most resilient and supportive components available - it’s SO very important that you give it the proper reinforcement underneath, otherwise you may have issues with sagging, uneven weight distribution, components breaking down, and even possible mold build up. Just like your house needs an appropriate foundation to maintain its structural integrity, so does your CozyPure solid latex mattress.

Please take the time to read our guidelines below to assist you with choosing the correct foundation and/or bed frame. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have to discuss more details. 

BOX SPRING: This is the most common type of foundation made with a wood frame perimeter and springs inside. We do NOT recommend box spring foundations to support a latex mattress because over time they will break down and are not strong enough to support a heavy latex mattress.

WOOD SLAT FOUNDATION: From outward appearances these "look" like a box spring, however instead of springs inside, there are wood slats running from top to bottom inside the wood perimeter, which do a much better job to support heavier mattresses. Make sure the the foundation offers a center support and that slats are solid wood, sturdy, and have the proper amount of of slats. For instance, our wood slat foundations are constructed with 18 slats (head to foot); you don't want a slat foundation with only 5 or 6 wood slats, it will not provide the support needed. Also check to make sure there is only fabric above the slats for breathability (not solid cardboard).

PLATFORM BED FRAME: Popular in Europe for years, this type of frame is becoming more popular in the USA. Platform Beds are similar to the wood slat foundations above, except they're built within the frame itself, eliminating the need for a foundation; you just place your mattress directly on the bed frame slats. These frames are usually higher off the ground which allows for storage underneath, as well as easier floor cleaning. Not all platform bed frames are created equal, so follow our guidelines here:

** Be sure the frame has strong solid wood slats (not particleboard), placed from head to foot. Slats should be 2", 3", or 4" wide and placed no further than 3" apart from each other. Having gaps more than 3" could cause the latex to bulge through, and also loss of support. If you want to make it very supportive (and firmer), then close the gaps to 1" or even half-inch spacing. Be sure the wood used for the slats is a strong species, such as poplar or southern yellow pine.

** The frame should have a solid CENTER support, securely anchored down the middle head to toe (not side to side). Additionally, we recommend wood blocks / legs are placed under the center support, going to the floor. Latex mattresses are heavy and require this center support to properly lift the mattress so it does not bow downward create sagging. 

** If any slats happen to crack, splinter, bow, or bend, you can easily replace when necessary, making platform frames cost-effective for long term use.

** Avoid solid Plywood, MDF and Particleboard; they cannot compare to solid wood slats. One of our team members put his latex mattress on a waterbed frame (with solid plywood) and had horrible back pain from the plywood bowing, once he replaced the bed frame with slats, all was good. Also important... a SOLID surface will not allow your mattress to breathe, causing moisture build-up which can further warp plywood and cause sagging. Worse, when condensation builds up from the trapped moisture over time, there is the possibility of mold growth. Please avoid all SOLID surfaces, this includes putting your mattress directly on the floor.


CONVENTIONAL BED FRAME: These frames usually feature a metal perimeter which attach to a headboard. They have a few slats, or cross bars, designed to hold a foundation (see above wood foundation). They are NOT used to hold a mattress directly, although many models today offer an "upgrade" to a platform option, which will raise the height and add additional slats to the system (see platform bed frame above). If you have this type of frame, used with a foundation, be sure it is made from high-quality materials, the slats are strong, and has a center support with legs touching the floor.

TIP #1:
If you have the space, an easy way to find out if you have the proper support in your bed frame is to place your mattress directly on the floor. Lie down and feel if any dips, sagging, instability, shifting, creaking is eliminated. If so, then you know it's your bed frame that needs some adjusting, not your mattress. 

Tip #2:
Have someone lie on the mattress while it's on the frame, while another person looks underneath the bed. The observer should take note if the bed seems to "cave" downward when the person gets on it. We have seen this happen, especially when there is no center support with legs going to the floor, the mattress basically bows because nothing is holding it up.

Getting a new mattress will not help your situation if the end-result is a support system that's not doing it's job. Latex is very heavy and rarely dips or sags, although it will soften a bit, just like any foam (especially if you get a "soft" comfort layer). Please note there is a difference between sagging and dips versus normal compression of materials (body depressions). You can read more about body impressions by clicking here.

Although it's certainly possible to have defective latex, it is rare. 15% of "dips" are caused by choosing the wrong comfort layer (usually too soft), while the other 85% of dips and sagging is caused by using an incorrect support system. Unfortunately, it can be a combination of both (comfort layers too soft with inadequate support system). Fortunately, with a CozyPure latex mattress, if someone simply needs a firmer comfort layer, our zipper case allows easy access to change the layer. OR you can simply flip it over. In 2008, we designed all our mattresses with reverse-flip-comfort so the other side is firmer, providing our customers with two comfort options right out of the box. If the support system is the cause, that can also be corrected by following the above recommendations for bed frames and/or foundations.

Your latex mattress is made from the highest quality components and can last for decades of happy sleep with proper care, so take the time and be sure you're investing in a foundation / bed frame that is suited for these heavier mattresses. 

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