Green Energy

RISE AND SHINE! Maker of Organic Bedding Partners with the Sun!

Since we manufacture GREEN organic bedding using only renewable and sustainable materials, it made good sense for us to come full-circle and install our own green energy system. But first we made sure we were energy efficient.

Our green renovations of this 100-year-old historic building located in the Railroad District of Norfolk, Virginia, included a complete gut and demo. Our goal was to reveal and restore the original, natural "green-building" materials: concrete floors, brick walls, wood beam ceilings and support posts, plus exposing the steam boiler pipes and radiators for comfortable, efficient heat. Skylights in the workshop provide natural light, on-demand hot water in the kitchen, and LED bulbs were added throughout. Our showroom and office area (both approx 1,500 sq ft) feature 4w LED bulbs on string lights, which creates a more ambient and cozy environment, and is equivalent to using only four 60w incandescent bulbs to light the spaces.

Our NEW solar system went LIVE September 18, 2019. Total panel count is 112 panels @ 365W per panel for a total system capacity of 40,880 W.

With our 30 year history offering organic home goods and stewardship in environmental conservation and awareness, we are proud to invest in our future by installing clean energy. This is our second on-site renewable energy system, and it powers 100% our daily operations.

We love that the sewing machines we use to make our organic bedding, are powered by clean "green" energy. That our bright lights illuminate our work spaces without any help from carbon-intensive fuels. The refrigerator, phone system, and computers are powered naturally from the sunlight above our building.

Our electric is grid-connected with Net-Metering, which basically means we recycle our energy by putting our excess unused electricity back into the power grid for others to use.

We handcraft organic bedding with minimal waste. Our scraps are either donated to upcycle, or we create products in-house to use the excess textiles. All of our fibers and components are GREEN, made with natural, sustainable, and renewable organic cotton, organic wool, and organic rubber tree latex. Our end-user goods are designed to last so they don't head to the landfill as quickly as conventional products; in addition our materials are also non-toxic and biodegradable without environmental damage.




EcoSmart Organic Certificates