Is your latex Dunlop or Talalay?

We use Dunlop exclusively here at CozyPure.


Does the latex have a smell?

Sometimes when the rubber is brand new, it may have a faint scent. This is not harmful and it will disipate rather quickly.


Where does your latex come from?

Our latex comes from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka which produces the finest latex in the world.


Can you feel the split on custom dual-sided mattresses?

No, you cannot.


How do I choose a firmness level without trying the mattress?

We look at a couple of things. Sleeping position, height and weight are key elements to choosing a mattress. Give us a call and let us help.


What is a comfort correction?

Our mattresses are made from components in a zippered case allowing us to adjust the feel of the mattress should your needs or preferences change. Your mattress purchase entitles you to a comfort correction whether it's a year from now or ten years from now.


Is there a weight limit for your mattresses?

No there is not. Most bedframes have a weight limit however.


Do you sell Scratch and Dents?

Occasionally we do. Feel free to give us a call with your inquiry as it never hurts to ask.


What is the Cuddle Up Club and how do I qualify?

Your mattress purchase has its rewards, one of which is automatic enrollment in our Cuddle Up Club. This lifetime benefit entitles you to 20% off regularly priced items. Sale priced items get an additional 10% off.


How does your Referral Program work?

Show your mattress to a friend or relative and if they decide to purchase, make sure they know to drop your name. We'll give them some cash off of their purchase. Then, we'll put some CozyCashon your account for you to spend however you like. You can even bank it for a future mattress purchase if you like.


Can I use my old box spring with my new latex mattress?

Latex requires a sturdy foundation. A typical box spring does not provide the necessary support. A platform bed frame or our slatted wood foundation. The mattress should sit on slats spaced no more than 3" apart.


How does White Glove work?

White Glove is when we release your mattress to a third party who will deliver it to your home, bring it inside and set it up. Old mattress removal is available also.


I have chemical sensitivities so how do I know your products will work for me?

Give us a call and request a Bedding Kit. This contains samples of all of our materials allowing you to spend a few days touching, smelling each component.


Does the mattress or foundation require assembly?

Our mattresses and foundations come fully assembled and ready to sleep on. We do offer a Build Your Own Bed option for the do-it-yourselfer or budget challenged.


How much do the mattresses weigh?

7"-9" Weights
Twin-70-80 lbs
Twin XL 80-90 lbs
Full 120-130 lbs
Queen 130-140 lbs
King 160-170 lbs

10"-12" Weights
Twin-80-90 lbs
Twin XL-90-100 lbs
Full-140-160 lbs
Queen 160-175 lbs
King 180-200 lbs


Do you do custom orders?

Occasionally we can assist but typically, no.


What is the Hotel Collection?

The Hotel Collection comes with everything you need for a total bed makeover. It comes with our most popular 10" mattress, a protector, Cuddle Top topper, a complete set of sheets, two pillow, a heirloom quality hand-tied wool comforter and a duvet cover.


Can I make substitutions with the Hotel Collection?

For our Vegan Friends, we offer two blankets in lieu of the wool comforter.


What is the Build Your Own Bed?

Budget friendly and perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, we send you the components and you put your bed together.


Which mattress is in the Hotel Collection?

The Hotel Collection comes with the 10" mattress but any mattress can be turned into a Hotel Collection. Call for pricing.


Where does your wool come from?

Our wool is sourced from New Zealand for use in our bedding product. Our domestic organic wool, used in our mattresses, comes from Washington state.

Is your organic cotton GOTS certified?

Yes, our organic cotton wovens and knits are certified to GOTS.


Is your latex GOLS certified?

Yes, our natural organic latex is certified to GOLS.


Do you have sales?

We have sales, promotions and contests throughout the year. I invite you to sign up for our newsletter and we will notify you in advance so you can mark your calendar. You can do that here: https://www.cozypure.com/enewsletter

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