Starting at: $-100.00

Redeem your CozyCash here! Just select the amount you have available and it will go in your cart as a deduction off your order. Things to remember please: 

CozyCash is only good from your last order (it does not accumulate), and expires 30 days after you received your last order. If you try to take a credit and we can't find any cozycash under your account in our system, your order will not be processed until full payment is made, so your order will be delayed.


We have CozyCash earning reward periods throughout the year. You will find your CozyCash packaged inside your order along with your items.

Orders over $100 are eligible for CozyCash. The total amount of CozyCash rewards will be based on the subtotal of the order (excluding any taxes or shipping).  Every $500 increment will add an additional $5.00 reward cash (1%). There may be special promotions where we offer double-rewards, and your CozyCash will be worth twice the face value (be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you know when we have promos). 

Order Amount     CozyCash
$  100 - $  500          $10
$  501 - $1000          $15
   Etc, Etc, Etc

If you return item(s) from any order where you received CozyCash, your reward money will be adjusted to reflect the new subtotal. If you return an order redeemed with CozyCash, unfortunately the reward money portion is not refunded; only the money paid by credit card, check or cash will be refunded back to you. 

COZYCASH earned through our "Let's Sleep Toghether" Referral Program never expires, you can continue to accumulate reward money when you refer people to purchase a CozyPure mattress. 

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