Our Story

For more than thirty years we've been at the forefront of green living, a pioneer in the industry committed to using only sustainable, natural and organic materials...


CozyPure - Organic Comfort Zone

Cheryl Hahn, our Founder and President, is a true pioneer in green living with 30 years experience, starting as the owner of Tomorrow's World, one of America's very first green eco-friendly stores. Prior to becoming an ecoprenaur, she acquired a background in textiles while working for one of the country's largest sportswear manufacturing companies.

It seemed only natural for Cheryl to focus her energies on the manufacturing of organic bedding, especially since her company was also the first to introduce organic mattresses to the national consumer market in the early 1990's.

"One of the things I really wanted to create", says Hahn, "was quality, comfort, durability and aesthetics using beautiful textiles made from renewable, sustainable resources for products actually made to last decades. Choosing beautiful organic and eco-smart materials just makes perfect sense in the bedroom since that's where we revitalize for the day ahead."

Why surround yourself with bedding that emits harmful chemicals or makes you sweat uncomfortably when you can enjoy a safer and healthier sleep made from exquisite natural fibers? Your bedroom is your night-time healing retreat and it's the one place you shouldn't skimp on comfort or quality.



We've been offering organic sleep options since the early 1990's before the internet was invented. Back then we used old-fashioned paper catalogs mailed to folks across the country and shipped everything direct-to-consumer.

Over the past few decades we've developed a wonderful relationship with our customers and have been fortunate to enjoy direct relationships with them. We've never had a middleman so we've gained a lot of knowledge by listening to our customers ideas and suggestions.

Our Founder, Cheryl Hahn, made a conscious decision to grow the company slow and steady because she was raising her two kids and wanted to have quality time with them, without jeopardizing the business. Her youngest graduated high school in 2014, the year she decided to expand and we moved to our new 25,000 SF location.

We started with nothing, bootstrapped our growth, manufacturer all our products in the USA using only natural and sustainable materials. But the real accolades go to our dedicated customers who have supported our mission, our products, our passion. Without you, our customers, we are nothing. We deeply appreciate your business and we thank you for keeping CozyPure organic comfort alive and well... for over 30 years.




CozyPure® produces organic sleep systems designed with aesthetics and beauty, quality components for performance and durability, and eco-organic materials that are healthier for you and better for our planet. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and nourished from a healthy night's sleep.

Integrity and Trust. Our experience in the industry, as both pioneers and leaders, assures our customers peace-of-mind that they're doing business with a company that has earned the trust of thousands of satisfied sleepers across the country. Our integrity and high-standards are unmatched. It is always our pleasure to serve you.

Industry Experience. Our workshop of skilled artisans offer you quality experience producing organic bedding and mattresses... and we've been involved exclusively with ORGANIC and ecosmart materials for over twenty-five years. In fact, we're the first company in America to offer natural organic mattresses and organic bedding products to consumers nationwide. Utilizing our expertise and knowledge allows us to develop and manufacture an exquisite high-quality collection of organic bedroom products, made-to-order in Norfolk, Virginia.





Shown here (left to right): Hans (Operations Manager), Cheryl (Owner), Cris (Bedding Production Manager)
Hans and Cris are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with CozyPure in 2016.


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